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Symmetry Oilfield Bioremediation flowchart

With over 1,000 completed, successful projects in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, Symmetry Oilfield Solutions provides accelerated onsite bioremediation with proven, repeatable results. The Symmetry Solution uses Geozorb, an engineered organic absorbent, and microbial additives to convert contaminated soil and sludge waste into viable subsoil. By reducing trucking and landfill disposal, our system for onsite remediation reduces cost and mitigates liability associated with trucking and legacy landfill disposal.

Our tested and proven methodology and science-based practices have resulted in a success rate of 100 percent pass and 0 failures to regulatory requirements. This success translates to:

  • Approximately 100,000 tons of treated cuttings sludge beneficially used as soil for pad reclamation and revegetation over the past 3 years
  • A reduction of an estimated 775,727 trucking miles on county and state roads
  • A reduction of approximately 8,695 tandem loads of cuttings hauled to landfills and spread fields
  • All without the creation of clouds of potentially harmful fly ash dust during solidification of cuttings

What is Bioremediation?

The Environmental Protection Agency defines bioremediation as "the use of microbes to clean up contaminated soil and groundwater." We at Symmetry are committed to this simple definition of bioremediation, a term that is often fraught with skepticism from a market saturated with under-tested products that over-promise with ineffective results. With over seven years of innovation, rigorous testing, and success, The Symmetry Solution provides genuine results every time.

Geozorb is an engineered organic absorption agent developed by Symmetry Oilfield Solutions. Geozorb creates an environment in which the contamination-remediating microbes thrive and changes the physical characteristics of drill cuttings or contaminated soil from any level of wetness to any level of dryness; Geozorb transforms drill cuttings from sludge into an aerated, dry, and stackable material that is free-flowing and ready for the bioremediation process.

  • Natural, chemical-free solution
  • 100% organic and mineral blend
    • no heavy metals
    • no chemicals
  • No environmental damage or risk
  • Safe to handle

Bacterial Dosage

Based on the specific contamination (high SAR levels, high TPH, chlorides, etc.) present at a site, Symmetry experts determine a dose-rate of bacteria that will effectively remediate the contamination to the appropriate and safe regulatory levels.

Using Drylet’s patented platform technology, we are able to deliver bacteria at several orders of magnitude higher than conventional microbial bioremediation products.

  • EPA NCP listed bioremediation agent
  • Indigenous, non-pathogenic, aerobic and anaerobic microbes
  • Highest microbe count per dollar
    • Our microbes: ~240,000,000,000 microbes/gram
    • Other products:        ~20,000,000 microbes/gram

CDU: Contamination Disposal Unit

The Symmetry CDU (Contamination Disposal Unit) is a purpose-built, automated metering and mixing plant. Through real-time blending of contaminants with Geozorb and microbial products onsite, the CDU or Super CDU expedites bioremediation and ensures that all contamination comes in contact with the remediation agents.

Super CDU in Action:

Stand-Alone or Rig-Integrated

Depending on customer need, the CDU can be rig-integrated or stand-alone. Also, design-build capabilities mean that the CDU can be built to meet the specific requirements of any application.

Mary Stromberger, Ph.D.

Soil Microbiologist
Associate Professor
Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agriculture
Colorado State University

Dr. Mary Stromberger brings her expertise in soil microbiology to the Symmetry expert team. Dr. Stromberger’s extensive career in soil microbiology includes numerous teaching and research awards. She is a Fulbright Scholar and editor of Soil Science textbooks and journals. Dr. Stromberger has chaired the Soil Biology and Biochemistry Division of the Soil Science Society of America. Dr. Stromberger’s collaboration with Symmetry was instrumental for the development of the microbial products used in the Symmetry Solution.

Jan Cipra, Ph. D.

Soil Scientist
Associate Professor Emeritus
Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agriculture
Colorado State University

Dr. Jan Cipra brings a 37-year career in soil science that includes university teaching, research, extension, laboratory analysis, and training adults in various numerous aspects of soil science. He has consulted in over 50 projects in the US and abroad. Stateside projects include work in Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, Montana and Kansas. Overseas projects include work in Egypt, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Europe, and others. He has also had extensive experience on federal projects. Dr. Cipra has experience working with many national and international regulatory agencies to bioremediate soils to meet requirements set out by agencies including the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, the World Health Organization, USEPA, and local and international agencies. Dr. Cipra is an instrumental consultant for the soil science of The Symmetry Solution.

Mark Nelson

Controls & Automation Expert
Materials Handling Expert
President & CEO of Peak Innovations, Inc.

Mark’s innovative materials handling solutions has paved the way in the concrete industry. Now, he brings that same innovation to Symmetry Oilfield Solutions. His background in various sized construction projects up to $300 million gives him an extensive background in the construction industry. As the President and CEO of Peak Innovations, Inc., Mark designed, developed, and manufactured complex machinery for a variety of industries. Mark’s expertise in construction, electrical systems, and organizational development have led to unique breakthroughs in materials handling technology as a total, seamless process between controls and machinery. As a developer of the blending equipment required by The Symmetry Solution, Mark brings his expertise in materials handling to our technology.

Drew Nelson

Geozorb™ Developer
President, Symmetry Oilfield Solutions

Drew Nelson is the developer of Geozorb™. Seeing a need in the local Colorado E&P industry for a natural, chemical-free recycle solution for drilling waste, Drew worked with soil scientists and experts to create Geozorb™. Drew also offers Symmetry Oilfield Solution customers consultation services on the recycling and remediation process for drill cuttings waste and soil remediation.

Contact our office to learn more about our technologies and how Symmetry Oilfield Solutions can help you bioremediate contamination on your well site.