Projects Case Studies and Data

High TPH Remediation

from 175,000 ppm to 301 ppm

An application of The Symmetry Solution for a returning customer's final reclamation of a well site. Obstacles of high contamination (175,000 ppm TPH), clay soil composition, and time constraints required the use of several different bioremediation strategies.

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Long Chain Hydrocarbon

Remediation of a skim pit and weathered crude oil onsite.

The Symmetry Solution in use on a well skim pit and excavated soil. The remediation of weathered crude oil provides insights into TPH activity during bioremediation; both excavated soil and skim pit were remediated to below 500 ppm (COGCC table 910 recommendations).

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No Leaching Concern

Testing after heavy rainfall

After heavy rainfall at a Colorado well site during onsite remediation, the operator issued testing of the low-lying area. Water stayed onsite for a number of weeks, and concerns about leaching emerged.

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Chloride Remediation

Chloride remediating microbes

Through our work with a Colorado State University soil microbiologist, Symmetry Oilfield Solutions uses a proprietary strain of microbe that digests chlorides. Active in solutions with up to 120,000 ppm chlorides, making them the resource of choice to successfully reduce electrical conductivity (EC) levels.

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SAR Reduction

8 Wells in 8 Weeks

Through bacterial bioremediation onsite, Symmetry Oilfield Solutions reduced the SAR levels in 8 wells in just under 8 weeks.

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