Leaching Case Study Proves no threat to groundwater

Project Description

Symmetry Oilfield Solutions conducted tests on runoff on a Colorado customers' remediation site. The purpose of the test was to determine if runoff from a large rainstorm affected groundwater or soil through the leaching of material that was in the process of bioremediation. Water from the storm ran into a low-lying area between two piles of remediated material. After several weeks, the standing water and soil was tested to determine the contamination levels. The test results show that the runoff did not contaminate the soil or water on the site.

  • Heavy rainfall inundates bioremediation site
  • Run-off on a lower-lying area tested for potential leaching of contamination
  • No leaching of ANY contamination occurred, despite record rainfall onsite
  • The Symmetry Solution prevents contamination and poses no threat to surrounding groundwater or soil