About Symmetry Oilfield Solutions

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Company Profile

Symmetry Oilfield Solutions is a Colorado-based company that provides onsite bioremediation for the Oil and Gas industry. The Symmetry Solution for drill cuttings and soil bioremediation is now in use in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and Iraq.

Research and Development

Symmetry benefits from the research and development of Dr. Mary Stromberger, Associate Professor of soil microbiology at Colorado State University and Dr. Jan Cipra, Professor Emeritus of environmental soil science at Colorado State University. Symmetry’s scientists and precision blending experts created technology that allows microbial dosage to target distinct contamination from various drilling wastes and soils.

Our Goals

Symmetry Oilfield Solutions provides onsite bioremediation in months, not years. This accelerated process provides significant advantages to customers seeking to mitigate the liabilities and risks associated with landfill disposal and legacy costs.

Jan Cipra, Ph.D.
Soil Science Consultant
Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University

Mary Stromberger, Ph.D.
Soil Microbiology Consultant
Associate Professor, Colorado State University

Drew Nelson
President, Symmetry Oilfield Solutions

Mark Nelson
CEO, Peak Innovations

Mike Sever
Sales and Customer Service

Zan Svendsen
Sales and Customer Service

Zaquri Brinkerhoff

Lisa Darrow
Office Manager

Christine Espinoza
Office Assistant

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